Spring 2009

Monday, January 26

Jennifer Kohn (Rutgers)
Change Matters: Empirical Tests of the Dynamic Demand for Medical Care

Jennifer’s PowerPoint slides

Tuesday, January 27

Jessica Hennessey (Maryland)
The Adoption of Constitutional Home Rule: A test of endogenous  policy decentralization

Jessica’s PowerPoint slides

Friday, January 30

Shannon Mudd (Ursinus)
“Contestability in Banking Markets and Small Firm Use of Bank Financing:¬† A Cross-Country Investigation”

Friday, February 6

Yang Wang (Duke)
Subjective Expectations: Test for Bias and Implications for Choice

Yang’s presentation slides

Friday, February 20

Andrew Ewing (Washington)
Estimating the Impact of Relative Expected Grade on Student  Evaluations of Teachers

Andy’s presentation slides

Monday, February 23

Kristiana Hansen (UC Louvain)
Short-Term Leases or Long-Term Transfers? An Econometric Test of Water Market Structure in the Western United States

Friday, March 6

Pao-Lin Tien (Wesleyan)
Using Long-Run Restrictions to Identify the Sources of Exchange Rate Fluctuations

Friday, April 3

Sonia Aziz (Moravian)
“Valuation of Avoiding Arsenic in Drinking Water in Rural Bangladesh”

Friday, April 17

Baybars Karacaovali (Fordham)
“Productivity Matters for Trade Policy: Theory and Evidence”

Friday, May 1

Christopher Barrett (Cornell)
“Incomplete Credit Markets and Commodity Marketing Behavior”

Fall 2008

Friday, September 5

Fred Joutz (GWU)
“The Relationship between Oil Markets and Shipping Tanker Rates: The West African-U.S. Gulf of Mexico Market “

Friday, September 26

Nicole Simpson (Colgate College)
“Happiness and International Migration “

Friday, October 10

Johanna Francis (Fordham)
“Entrepreneurs, Wealth and Capitalist Spirit”

Friday, October 24

Chris Magee (Bucknell University)
“The Incumbant Spending Puzzle”

Friday, November 14

Kerry Anne McGeary (Drexel)
“Do Federal Nutrition Programs Promote a Healthy Lifestyle?”