Frank Lee and Edna M. Smith Professor of Economics
319 Simon Center
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  • Assistant Department Head

Julie K. Smith joined the Economics department at Lafayette in the fall of 2005 after four years as an assistant professor at Trinity University in San Antonio. She teaches a wide variety of macroeconomic courses including those relating to her specialty of monetary policy.

She is also an invited member of the H.O. Stekler Research Program on Forecasting affiliated with the Department of Economics at The George Washington University. Her research falls into main areas: 1) monetary economics with a focus on inflation and monetary policy and 2) applied microeconomics with a focus on health and labor. Smith’s work has been published in journals such as the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Journal of Macroeconomics, Journal of Forecasting, Health Economics, and Economics and Human Biology. She actively participates in two forecasting panels: the Financial Times/IGM US Macroeconomist Survey and the Shadow Open Market Participant Survey. Smith often provides economic commentary on the American Public Media program, Marketplace. She also serves as an associate editor of the Eastern Economic Journal.

Smith helped organize the College Fed Challenge competition for the Philadelphia Federal Reserve District.In addition to her scholarly work, she has contributed to the pedagogy of economics with an article on the College Fed Challenge as a cooperative learning activity and her contributions to Starting Point: Teaching and Learning Economics.

Courses Taught:
Economics 223: Money & Banking
Economics 252: Intermediate Macroeconomics
Economics 323: Money, Financial Intermediation and the Economy
Economics 366: Macroeconometrics
Economics 368: Advanced Monetary Policy