Associate Professor
516 RISC (On leave AY 2023-2024)
Office Hours:
  • Spring 2024: ON LEAVE

Chris Ruebeck joined the Department of Economics in the Fall of 2000. He teaches courses in Industrial Organization, in the related fields of Game Theory and Marketing Research, as well Principles of Economics and a capstone on computational approaches to modeling behavior. As part of Lafayette’s study abroad programs, he leads a course and internship experience on comparative health care systems in London.

His current research uses agent-based computational economics techniques to model market behavior and technological innovation, spillover effects in environmental policy, and inequality effects of central bank policy. Other work has included empirical investigations of identity in the Antebellum South and in today’s high schoolers’ behavior, product exit in a technology market, modeling consumer search, and the economic effects of handedness. Pedagogical work has included a book chapter on multi-campus partnerships in community-based research, a network effect classroom demonstration, and a book chapter on the economics in the musical Hamilton. His work has appeared in journals including Agricultural and Resources Economics, Southern Economic Journal, Journal of Population Economics, B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, and Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

Professor Ruebeck has recently served as Faculty Director of Dyer Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and as the Proctor Faculty Fellow with the Dyer Center and the Landis Center for Community Engagement. In addition to his scholarly work, he has been involved in reports on economic conditions in the Lehigh Valley for the Lehigh Valley Research Consortium, where he serves on its Executive Board.

Courses Taught at Lafayette
Economics 101: Principles of Economics
Economics 246: Evolutionary Game Theory
Economics 331: Industrial Organization: Market Structure and Strategy
Economics 360: Industrial Organization: Marketing to Consumers
Economics 361: Marketing Research
Economics 410: Computational Simulation of Markets and Behavior
Interdisciplinary Studies 245: Social, Ethical, and Economic Issues of HealthCare in the U.S. & U.K.
Interdisciplinary Studies 321/322 – Technology Clinic

Affiliated Programs
Environmental Science and Environmental Studies
Landis Center for Community Engagement