The department’s mission is to educate students in the art and science of decision making under uncertainty and scarcity. We provide students with the opportunity to learn the vocabulary of economics and business, to learn the value of abstraction and the art of striking a balance between generality and relevance in problem solving, and to acquire the skill of deductive argument. The program of study balances theoretical and empirical approaches to decision making and problem solving, and develops the ability of students to apply their analytical training to their everyday lives and to major issues of the day. This offers preparation for a variety of career and postgraduate education opportunities.

The department is a major contributor to the intellectual life of Lafayette College. Its faculty members are prominent scholars in their respective fields. Fundamental to the department’s educational mission is the principle that scholarship is learning. Students learn best from faculty mentors who revel in asking hard questions and seeking innovative solutions to improve outcomes for the individual and society. Faculty members have a responsibility to be immersed in scholarship, advancing the state of knowledge, and thereby serve as role models to encourage our students to adopt an inquisitive mindset, rigorous analytical habits, and a healthy intellectual curiosity.