Major in Economics

Requirements: Economics 101, 211, 212, 213 and a minimum of five*
department electives excluding internships; Mathematics 141 and 186.** In addition, only one
semester of thesis can count toward the electives.

The following sequence of the required courses is recommended for prospective majors
in Economics. Students who follow this sequence will complete the required
courses in a timely manner and will have a great deal of flexibility in the scheduling of upper
division courses.

First Year
First Semester Second Semester
Math 141 Math 186
First-Year Seminar Econ 101
Sophomore Year
First Semester Second Semester
Econ 211/212 Econ 211/212
Econ 213

Economics courses are not open to first-semester students.

Minor in Economics

Requirements:  six courses within the department, with prerequisites enforced.

*Beginning with the class of 2016, six department electives, at least four of which must be at the 300 level or above, are required for the economics major.

**Alternatively, students may take Math 161, Math 186, and a multivariate calculus module on Moodle or Math 161, Math 162, Math 263, and Math 186.