This interdisciplinary major gives mathematically talented students with career plans in
economics or business a wide range of mathematical skills and significant experience
with the fundamental ideas of economics and business. It also distinguishes them from
the thousands of students around the country who major in economics and business. A
distinctive feature of the program is the senior capstone experience, in which students
integrate their study of mathematics and economics.

• Mathematics 161, 162, 263, 272 or 275, 282, 306, 335, 336
• Economics and Business 101, 211, 212, 218, 365, and two electives numbered
300 or higher
• a capstone experience in the form of a one-semester course, taken during the
senior year, designed to integrate the ideas and techniques students have
encountered in their work in mathematics and economics. (The capstone
experience may consist of Economics 313, Economics 324, Mathematics 301,
or appropriate independent study or honors work. Students interested in
graduate study in economics may substitute Mathematics 356 for the capstone
• Computer Science 102 is recommended as an elective for students in this
• Administration of the Joint Major in Mathematics and Economics and
advising of students in the program is done by the Department of